[120720] Super Junior – Kiss the radio ~



Hôm nay mấy chú làm khách mời :”> …. làm loạn cái SKR~ … thích quá nga~ ….. phỡn quá định trans full nhưng mà bh thời gian có chút nghiệt ngã …. thôi tạm thời cứ up tin vài tin vui vui trước na~ :”> rồi hôm nào rãnh sắp xếp sau ❤





[120720 KTR] Ryeowook joined SJ last (before Kyu joined) and he thought Eunhyuk and Yesung looked most handsome back then when he first met them

credit : @nksubs




[120720 – Sukira] Dong dong praised Hyuk for writing very good lyrics for Gulliver and Hyuk said his favorite part is Wook’s part singing ‘Gulliver~’ Wook asked why they chose him when there’s Kyu and Yesung too, Hyuk said “I just needed anyone of KRY, then Wook had no schedule in the morning, so he got chosen.” Yesung said he didnt even know about this thing and Kyu said he only knew about this song when album is out.

cr: Jinnmeow




Yesung’s Question: “When this member does ____, i find them human”

  • Shindong: when Eunhyuk buys expensive things. Eunhyuk saves money. But when it comes to fashion, he buys expensive things.
  • Yesung: I have interest in the brands. and I saw Eunhyuk with an EXPENSIVE brand so…
  • (wrong!)
  • Leeteuk: When Super JR members…. go to Mubank…. and go to Yesung’s mother’s coffee place….
  • (wrong!)
  • Shindong: when ryeowook…. takes pic of Y style glasses
  • (wrong!)
  • Ming: Hint is donghae!
  • Leeteuk: when Donghae shudders
  • (wrong!)
  • Kyu: when donghae speaks stupidly
  • (wrong!)
  • Leeteuk; when Donghae does baby talk!
  • (wrong!)
  • Eunhyuk: when donghae is stupid!
  • (wrong!)
  • Sungmin: there is mouth and some other place involved
  • Teuk: when Hae doesn’t understand what we’re saying! Poor hae. He’s been abused today
  • Shindong: He took the “human” to another world
  • Kyu: Hae has amazing looks and …
  • Yesung: wait that’s just your opinion
  • Kyu: I like his looks :D






Donghae’s question: when this member does ____, I feel embarassed

  • Yesung: when Teuk walks around naked
  • (wrong)
  • Teuk: nobody said this?
  • Yesung; you’ve been going around naked for 2 years. I went to the bathroom with Teuk and I didn’t think anything different about him. but people kept saying something. I realized Teuk was shirtless. We’ve gotten used to it
  • Shindong: I know! It’s when Teuk goes around with his shoulders pumped
  • (wrong!)
  • Ryeowook: It involves Airport
  • Teuk: When Sungmin appears in airport with outrageous fashion style. Beyond normal. Floor fashion.
  • (wrong! wrong! wrong!)
  • Hyuk: when Sungmin wears short pants with black long socks
  • Sungmin: I did this???
  • (wrong!)
  • Shindong: when eunhyuk ….. drags expensive bags on the floor
  • (wrong)
  • Leeteuk: when Sungmin wears outrageous fashion with outrageous headphones and outrageous luggage color and appears in Airport!
  • (CORRECT!!!)
  • Shindong: you can’t call that fashion
  • Kyu: I can’t remember where I saw this but Sungmin was called fashion terrorist




120720 Sukira: Question to Eunhyuk

“When this member does ___, he looks insignificant”
Shindong: When Ryeowook keeps saying my face is not as handsome as his
Eunhyuk: that’s too obvious. Anyways. That was decided on IS2
Ryeowook: It’s someone you’d not expect. And this might be too big to reveal
Shindong: I know!
Yesung: I feel like he’s going to say me
Shindong: When Yesung sings, I find him insignificant
Eunhyuk: similar
Teuk : It’s Yesung?
Eunhyuk: yes
Teuk: when Yesung tells you how to sing?
Sungmin : It’s something Yesung does while singing
Donghae: When Yesung does gestures on stage?
Yesung: When Yesung does adlibs in songs?
Shindong: are you crazy?
Leeteuk: you are crazy
Yesung: I’ll do an adlib right now
Leeteuk: do an easy one

cr. @NKsubs






[SUKIRA] Question to Leeteuk: When members did ___, I wanted to quit being a leader

  • Donghae: when Leeteuk-ssi walked around in the waiting room shirtless
  • Members: You didn’t even understand the question!!
  • Ryeowook: Yesung-ssi?
  • Yesung: …
  • Kyuhyun: you thought about something else right?
  • Leeteuk: You were thinking abt a drama
  • Shindong: When members forgot about “We are Super Juni-OR!” introduction
  • Leeteuk: sounds good but no
  • Kyu: When members say, I wanna do ___ and ___, I want to quit
  • *wrong~*
  • Leeteuk: I’ll give you a hint. It has to do with a leader
  • Eunhyuk: When members are trying to take the leader spot
  • *Wrong~*
  • Ryeowook: When members only think of me as a leader, I want to quit being the leader.
  • Leeteuk: The reason I wrote this… being leader is obvious but I am a human. I have times I can’t control my emotion. I hope you’d understand me
  • Donghae: You express too much though
  • Wook: When are you thankful to members?
  • Teuk: all the time
  • Members: Quotes From U’s ending xDD




Question to Kyuhyun: When this hyung does ___, I think he’s very immature.

  • Eunhyuk: when donghae hyung can’t speak, I think he’s immature.
  • Super Junior: OMG IT’S CORRECT!?!?
  • Sungmin: when donghae hyungs blank out, I think he’s immature.




120720 Sukira: Introductions

  • Leader of leaders of Hallyu….. pretty toed Leeteuk
  • And pretty hand Yesung!
  • Cute dancer Eunhyuk
  • Shindong with pretty nose
  • Kyuhyun-ssi looks more pretty crossdressed
  • Donghae has a pretty tongue
  • Ryeowook-ssi with handsome body hair
  • Sungmin who is very pretty everywhere



120720 Sukira Person you’d think would marry last (1)

  • Members: Ryeowook
  • Someone: GaeTeuk!
  • Ryeowook: Who said Gaeteuk?
  • Sungmin: how did you know!?
  • Leeteuk: I think I should marry
  • Shindong: I think Leeteuk-ssi will marry late. He’s very careful in everything. He takes so long to buy just a small thing. It takes him 3 hrs to buy a T-shirt
  • Donghae: I don’t like shopping with him
  • Shindong: So I think Leeteuk will be very careful in the woman he meets too
  • Leeteuk: So I meet woman after another XD
  • credit @NKSubs



[120720 – Sukira] Members chose Wook as the member who will be the latest to get married. Teuk said that Wook told him, “Hyung, I won’t get married. Is a girl is really in need? I’ll just live by myself. Until I die, I’ll just be alone”

cr: Jinnmeow





Who is sexiest in SJ?

  • Leeteuk: LEEEETEEEEUKK!!
  • Donghae: shindong’s eyes are very sexy and his pink hair is sexy
  • Shindong: Eunhyuk discovered my sexiness earlier. Eunhyuk told me I look like a sausage while sleeping naked. My mom said “Is this okay…?” after looking at the article
  • Eunhyuk: Shindong’s skin is very light. He’s like a dubu



[120720 – Sukira] They voted Donghae as the most “free” member and Ryeowook is the “single” member.


yesung said he’s 58-60 kg





Hae talked abt that he’s someone who can’t live if he leaves members. Then Hyuk said ‘just now me, donghae and Kyuhyun took the same car to here. I was talking abt sth with Kyuhyun on the car and Hae got reallyyy curious about what they were talking abt. Hyuk told Hae that tell him later~ After they came down from car, Hyuk and Kyu went to bathroom and continued talking, when they came out, they noticed Hae was sticking his ear on the wall to listen to their talking xDDDDD Hae ahhh xDDD Hae claimed that he was just only went to bathroom and heard it in coincidence, not purposely xDDD





120720 sukira: skinny yesung

  • Talking about Yesung’s diet now ^^ He’s been doing a diet for 7 years now O_O
  • Leeteuk is making dangerous statements again XDDD He’s saying Yeye will lose more weight XDD He said YeYe will lose to 35KG xDDD
  • cr. @NKsubs






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